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How to watch TV channels online – using PlayOn

Is it possible to use your TV to watch the same content you normally browse using your PC?

Yes!  Here is how (as seen on TV Channels online)

playonAn application called PlayOn allows you to browse the same tv content that you are used to viewing from your computer- except now you can watch tv channels online using your big screen tv.  PlayOn requires that you have a few things:

1. High Speed Internet
2. PC (Windows based as far as I have seen)
3. Any device that can connect with playon. This includes several gaming consoles (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3), mobile devices (android/iphone, nook, kindle fire, ipad), and setup boxes like the Apple TV, Roku and Google TV.

Playon has a free trial for 2 weeks so that you can test your setup.  Visit to download. Once playon is installed, there is a bit of content provided to you by default.  To truly utilize playon for watching tv channels online, I recommend visiting There are many free and paid scripts that can be installed to browse different websites. The best one for watching tv content is called “5 star flicks and tv shows”.  You can watch almost anything at any time you choose using this script. It is a playon script that contains several sub playon scripts.  If you have already cut the cord or are interested in cutting the cord to save on cable bills, this is a must have application and Playon script.

To access 5 star flicks and tv shows, visit my script download page @ and make payments using the options provided.

To download playon, visit

To see a demonstration video of my using Playon, watch the following link. It was recorded using a cell phone (pointed at my TV), so the quality of the video is not very good. However you can get an idea of how the TV content will load if you set up the same thing. For those fans of “The walking dead”, you will see me start a new TV episode from there. Viewer discretion is advised by the way!

I also recorded a similar video where I browse playon using my cell phone instead of my Xbox 360.

If you would like to purchase the above script, visit  to pay using amazon.



March 25, 2013 · 2:55 am

Playon scripts demo over an android phone – 5 star flicks

I have told many people in person and over forums about an application called Playon. This app allows users to browse the internet using your TV and many game consoles (such as the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Roku, etc). This benefits anyone who wants to watch tv shows and movies outside of their computer screens.  All you need is a good pc, high speed internet and the application. Playon has a free trial that I recommend anyone test out while confirming that the playback works well.

This video should give you an idea of how my playon scripts work.

playon scripts demo of 5 star flicks

In addition to the default playon channels and plugins, there are many user created scripts that add even more tv shows and movies to playon. An example of these scripts is found in my 5 star flicks and tv shows package. This is a series of scripts that allow access to several different scripts – bundled into one playon script. I created a demonstration video of how the browsing feels when using playon mobile (aka my android phone). While it is easy to pull up playon at a bar and show these scripts off, I wanted to show everyone at the same time.



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